Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letter to Mom on Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day. Dad asked us to write a nice letter to you for Mother’s Day. But I’m having a hard time thinking of things to write. Not because I cant think of anything nice to say... But I don’t want this to sound like a memorial service.

How do you tell someone that you love them? How do you tell someone who has done everything for you that you appreciate them? I don’t want to start saying things like “Remember when” or “Remember that time.” You have always been there for me in my life when I need you most. You always know when and how to give me support or how to say the right things to make me feel good. And now when you need help to feel good I can’t be there to help you. I can’t be there to give you the support you need. But the thing that tears me up inside is I cant figure out what to say to make things for you to feel good and to know that no matter what happens, that everything is going to be ok. I cry almost every night thinking about you and how hard it must be for you to go through this. I wish I could just be the one going through this.

I do love you mom with all my heart. And I do appreciate everything you have done for me and WILL STILL do for me. I am a better person for having you to be my mother. I am glad I have inherited most of your traits. I know I’m definitely the more sensitive one of the 2. And I’m glad that I have the homemaker trait also. And I’m glad I can sit thru a chick flick with out complaining. And I’m glad I know how to cook and how to do my laundry and how to clean (sometimes) and I’m glad you made me go to my activities and I’m glad that you had me first.

But I will say Remember the time you left me at the baseball field all day on the day we moved into the new house? I still remember that. But I also do remember EVERYTHING that you have done for me and EVERYTHING you have taught me. And I do hope someday I can pass along these things to my kids so they can know how to love and care for and how to be a better person... I love you sooo much Mom and I always will.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Mom

I know my mom loved to read every one's blogs and liked to keep up on every one's gossip.
So in tribute to my mom's life and in remembrance of her, i will start a blog. I have made a promise to myself that at least one time a day i will set aside time to think about her and remember something we did together or something she taught me. Not only was she a mom to me, she was my friend... i called her every day.. We talked about anything going on.. She was my venting partner.. she listened to me what ever i had to say even if it was non-sense or just me complaining about something bothering me.. She always tried to give me an answer to my problems.. She always headed me in the right direction to find my own answers also.. She would check up on me... She always asked about my friends.. She was my Best Friend... I miss her more
then anything else... She was my rock.. I will always Love you MOM and i will always remember you!!!!